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Keuka Ridge Siberian Cattery...

Keuka Ridge Siberians is a small specialty breeder of pedigree, high quality Siberian cats and kittens located  in Nashville, TN.  I am a registered member of  TICA (The International Cat Association) and all Keuka Ridge Siberian kittens will be accompanied by their TICA registration papers and pedigree.  

TICA Registration #33518

Cattery name: KEUKARIDGE

Getting to know your breeder.. 

My name is Susan Boardman and I began my breeding program in 2017 after semi-retiring from working in the Information Technology (IT) industry for the past 24 years. As a teen, I worked as a cat groomer for a high end feline boarding facility. Over the years my love for cats has never waned even though I had become highly allergic due to my time as a groomer. When I bought my farmhouse in Upstate New York, not far from the Keuka Lake, I knew I wanted to fill my home with the love and affection that only cats can provide.  So I set my mind on fulfilling my dream of owning Siberian Cats because I had researched them for many years as a hypoallergenic solution for people with cat allergies.

The Siberian cat, a rare beauty...

with a sense of humor...

Breeder of Siberian Forest Cats & Kittens
Susan Boardman

S I B E R I A N  B R E E D E R 

Siberian forest cat kittens
Siberian forest cat kittens


In 2018 my adult son, who is Active Duty Army and stationed at Fort Campbell Army Base,  invited me to come live with him and help care for my baby grandson named Rowan. So I loaded up all the cats and we relocated to the beautiful state of Tennessee. 

My son has been incredibly supportive of my breeding program and never complains about having a house full of cats and kittens running amuck and causing chaos. All of my females and kittens live freely throughout the house as members of our family, which is imperative for producing wonderfully socialized kittens. I'm often awake at 4:00am with kittens racing across my bed and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Having a human baby in the house has also been a wonderful dynamic towards well socialized kittens. It's amazing to see how patient and protective Siberians are of small children. My adult females treat Rowan like he is their special little person and are often seen napping with him or hanging out in his bedroom. When Rowan was a small infant Phoebe was especially attached to him and would always hover on the edge of his receiving blanket watching over him. Even before he learned to "be nice" to the kitties he's only ever been scratched once. 

Now that Rowan is a toddler he's quickly becoming my "Socializer in Chief" and loves to play games and cuddle with the kitties. For families with small children Siberians are the perfect family cat breed!

Cattery Visitation

My cats and I live full-time at my feline exclusive grooming salon in Nashville, TN. Appointments can be made to come visit my cats, however allergy testing isn't really an option since I groom approximately 140 cats per month from all walks of life.  


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