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Kovu of Kubaland*PL

Affectionately known as: Cooper


Country of Origin: Poland

Breeder: Alina Bugara

Male: Blue Spotted Tabby (SIB a 24)

Cooper is my gentle giant and my special love. This boy is my constant companion and always wants to hang out near "Mom". If he can't find me he comes looking and profoundly tells me "Mom, you were lost!" This handsome guy brings so much joy to my world with his kind and gentle soul. Everybody should have a Cooper in their lives!


Sire: IC Fransoa Larja Fantasia, CZ (NEM a 03 21)

Dam: Xanny Lara Phantom Cats (SIB n 23)

Carrier: Dilute & Colorpoint



Cooper is now retired and living an incredibly spoiled and loved life with Courtney, Damian, and Bliss, his daughter from Litter B1. 

Phoebe Phantom Cats*CZ

Affectionately known as: Phoebe Weebee

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Breeder: Martina Bočková

Female: Red Silver Classic Tabby (SIB ds 22)

This little girl is my newest addition and she keeps me in stitches! I flew to Prague on a whirlwind 36hr trip to pick her up and what a ride it has been! We even got stuck in a snowstorm and camped out at a rest stop overnight on the way home and I think Phoebe loved every minute of the adventure. She's an electric little ball of energy that rarely stops moving and playing. And when she does, she'll just fall over on her back where ever she wants for a quick nap. Then up bouncing around she will go again. I'm extremely pleased with how she's developing and she is an impressive addition to Keuka Ridge Siberians. 


Sire: Ch Gabriel Xerxes (SIB ds 22 )

Dam: Blue Topaz Eva (SIB d 03 22)





  • PKD1: DNA Testing Pending

  • PK Def: DNA Testing Pending

  • HCM: Tested Normal May 2019

Phoebe is now living a very loved and spoiled life with the Smotherman family in Nashville, TN.