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Phoebe Phantom Cats

Country of Origin: CZ

Breeder: Martina Bocková

Female: Red/Silver Classic Tabby  (SIB ds 22)

This little girl is my newest addition, and she keeps me in stitches! I flew to Prague on a whirlwind 36hr trip to pick her up and what a ride it has been! We even got stuck in a snowstorm and camped out at a rest stop overnight on the way home and I think Phoebe loved every minute of the adventure. She's an electric little ball of energy that rarely stops moving and playing. And when she does, she'll just fall over on her back where ever she wants for a quick nap. Then up bouncing around she will go again. I'm extremely pleased with how she's developing and she is an impressive addition to Keuka Ridge Siberians. 


Sire: Ch Gabriel Xerxes (SIB ds 22 )

Dam: Blue Topaz Eva (SIB d 03 22)





  • PKD1: DNA Testing Pending

  • PK Def: DNA Testing Pending

  • HCM: Tested Normal May 2019

Affectionately known as: Little

Country of Origin: USA

Breeder: Margret Merritt

Female: Black/Brown Classic Torbie (SIB f 22)

Little is the baby of the family and the boss of everybody. She's a total momma's girl and sleeps under my chin almost every night. She often demands to be held whenever she see's fit. It doesn't matter if you're busy doing something else, she will voice her opinion very loudly about whatever she wants. When she was a baby her breeder affectionately called her Ms. Meow Meow and not much has changed. But this girl is my little princess and she's perfect in every way. Little makes me laugh constantly with her antics and she's got a true Siberian heart of gold. And as she gets bigger she's growing into a stunning little lady as well. Any time we go to the vet, Little is the favorite among the office staff and they steal her away to the back to show her off to the doctors. 



Sire: Arystokracja Aramis of Frosty Forest (SIB ny 22 )

Dam: Von Der Selenga Unessa of Frosty Forest (SIB f 09 22)

Carrier: Golden 

(Alifair DOES NOT carry CP gene)


Frosty Forest Alifair of Keuka Ridge

Alifair is now loving life as a single cat in Nashville, TN with her writer momma, Shannon.  

O'Hara Stashkot of Keuka Ridge

Country of Origin: Poland

Breeder: Kamila Staszko

Female: Black/Brown Classic Tabby w/White (SIB n 22 09)

O'Hara comes from a 100% traditional bloodline pedigree that I have been following for a while and wanted to incorporate into my breeding program. She is a Great Granddaughter of GIC Ferrero de Claire*CZ, JW DVM DSM who was nominated 2016 Best Siberian Cat. 


Sire: Ch Vitkac Stashkot*PL (SIB n 22 09 )

Dam: Ch Smagliczka z Kociego Domu*PL (SIB n 22 09)

Carrier: golden

(O'Hara DOES NOT carry CP gene)




  • PKD1: DNA Testing Pending

  • PK Def: DNA Testing Pending

  • HCM: Ultrasound Due 2021

O'Hara is now spoiled rotten and enjoying life with her loving family, Dennis & Sherrie in Indiana.  

Country of Origin: Russia

Breeder: Anna Biryukova

Female: Black/Brown Spotted Torbie Bi-Color  (SIB f 24 03) 

Bentley arrived here in the US in October 2018. She was bred by the wonderful breeder, Anna Biryukova of Sibella Cattery and she brings so much excitement to my breeding program. Bentley is an absolute little angel and begs constantly to be loved and cuddled. 


Sire: Krambambulya Verooka (SIB d 24 03)

Dam: CH Dasideriya Forest Nymph (SIB f 09 22)

Carrier: Dilute, Golden, & Colorpoint



Bentley Sibella of Keuka Ridge

Bentley has joined Emery from my E1 Litter and is happy and content with the Hubbard family in Franklin, TN.   

Basilic Blessing Versailles

Affectionately known as: Louie


Country of Origin: USA

Breeder: Kent & Shelley Sopa

Male: Red/Silver w/White Classic Tabby (SIB ds 22 03)

Versailles is the newest addition to my breeding program and will father litters starting in late 2020. He's just a wee kitten right now but I have such high hopes for this beautiful boy! I look forward to showing him in the TICA organization over the next year or so. I am so grateful to Kent & Shelley Sopa for trusting me with this incredible boy. 


Sire: IW RW SGC BIS Debut Moy Verooka (SIB d 22 03)

Dam: Basilic Blessing Summer to Remember (SIB ns 24)

Carrier: Silver (Does NOT carry CP or Dilute)




Louie has joined Theo from my I1 Litter and is the perfect addition to the Hemphill family in Nashville, TN.   

Scarlette of Kubaland*PL

Country of Origin: Poland

Breeder: Alina Bugara

Female: Seal Tabby Point w/White (NEM n 21 33 09)

Scarlette is another amazing girl from my dear friend & breeder Alina Bugara in Poland. She is a half sister to Cooper because they share the same mother. And they also share the same amazingly sweet temperament and disposition. Scarlette is my insistent snuggler and prefers to be either on my chest or shoulders. I often think she believes she's a parrot, because she will jump up from behind me onto my shoulder and perch there while I do my computer work.  


Sire: Magnat Kubaland, PL (SIB w 61)

Dam: Xanny Lara Phantom Cats (SIB n 23)

Carrier: Solid, Dilute & Colorpoint




Scarlette has joined Roman from my A1 Litter and is loved and cherished by the Turner family in Alabama.   

Brielle Gremlineva of Keuka Ridge
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Country of Origin: Netherlands

Breeder: Aleksandra Bruines

Female: Brown/Black Spotted Tabby (SIB n24)

Brielle is my funny little angel that acts more like a dog than she does a cat! She is a complete and total momma's girl and MUST be on my chest licking my face at every possible moment. I think she thinks I'm a cat with how much she "grooms me". 

Sire: Manok Sladkoe Pyatnyshko (SIB n 22)

Dam: Miroslava Glamourrus (SIB a 24)

Carrier: Dilute & Colorpoint



  • PKD1: Negative per DNA Testing

  • PK Def: Negative per DNA Testing

  • HCM: Ultrasound Due 2022

  • Optimal Selection DNA Testing Report


Brielle lives with Klondike (K1 Litter) and the Ayalon family in Franklin, TN. 

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