Keuka Ridge Kings
Nereo Phantom Cats of Keuka Ridge

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Breeder: Martina Bočková

Male: Black Classic Tabby (SIB n 22)

Nereo is my newest addition to the Keuka Ridge family. I absolutely did not NEED another boy. But I saw his sweet face and instantly fell in love! I was immediately under his spell and it was hopeless to say no. Sometimes you just know what is meant to be and I haven't been disappointed one bit. Nereo has amazing "type" and will bring huge benefits to my breeding program. He is actually a cousin to my now retired boy, Nikolai Siberian Sapphire. 

Sire: CH Prohor Siberian Sapphire (SIB n 24 09 )

Dam: Xena Phantom Cats (SIB n 24)

Carrier: Dilute & Colorpoint




Keuka Ridge Queens
Ottepel' Lunnaya Dymka

Affectionately known as: Oakley

Country of Origin: Russia

Breeder: Maria Belousova

Female: Black Spotted Tabby (SIB n 24)

This beautiful girl fills my days with so much joy. She is one of the sweetest and most well mannered cats I've ever had the pleasure to share my home with. She's truly majestic in stature and is almost a spitting image of her famous daddy, except with darker coloring. However, don't let the sweet and mild manner temperament fool you, she's a true Siberian hunter at heart. When the feather toys come out she turns into a deadly hunter and flies through the air to catch her prey. 


Sire: Wr.Ch. (WCF), Gr.Int.Ch. (МФА), GCH.(ICU) Potap Lunnaya Dymka (NEM a 33 21 )

Dam: Guash` Lunnaya Dymka (SIB n 09)

Carrier: Dilute, Solid & Colorpoint





Affectionately known as: Tempest


Country of Origin: Russia

Breeder: Lyudmila Yampolskaya

Female: Black/Brown Spotted Tabby  (SIB n24) 

I just don't know if a sweeter cat has ever existed. One of the most important parts of breeding is breeding for temperament and Charovnica exceeds all my wildest dreams in that aspect. Wherever I go she follows. She sits on my shoulder and snuggles my neck or crawls into my lap whenever I sit down at the computer. She's also,  incredibly beautiful with a child like expression and a touch of wild siberian look combined.  

Sire: Ostap Hatanga  (NEM n 21 33)

Dam: Barsa Hatanga (SIB n24 09)

Carrier: Colorpoint (Does NOT carry dilution)



Top*Matryoshka Charovnica 
CH. Keuka Ridge Moonlight Daria

Affectionately known as: Daria or Meow Meow

Country of Origin: USA

Breeder: Susan Boardman - Keuka Ridge

Female: Seal Tabby Point (NEM n 21 33)

Daria is my beautiful little future queen from Oakley & Cooper's D1 litter. She's still very young but I'm excited about her development and look forward to when she's old enough to follow in her momma's footsteps and join my breeding program. 


Sire: Kovu Kubaland PL (Cooper) (SIB a 24)

Dam: Ottepel' Lunnaya Dymka (Oakley) (SIB n 24)

Carrier: dilute, colorpoint, & solid




Scarlette of Kubaland*PL

Country of Origin: Poland

Breeder: Alina Bugara

Female: Seal Tabby Point w/White (NEM n 21 33 09)

Scarlette is another amazing girl from my dear friend & breeder Alina Bugara in Poland. She is a half sister to Cooper because they share the same mother. And they also share the same amazingly sweet temperament and disposition. Scarlette is my insistent snuggler and prefers to be either on my chest or shoulders. I often think she believes she's a parrot, because she will jump up from behind me onto my shoulder and perch there while I do my computer work.  


Sire: Magnat Kubaland, PL (SIB w 61)

Dam: Xanny Lara Phantom Cats (SIB n 23)

Carrier: Solid, Dilute & Colorpoint