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Woodlawn, TN 37191

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 Litter H1 - Oakley & Nikolai Born 11/03/2019

Sire: Nikolai Siberian Sapphire of Keuka Ridge - Brown Spotted Tabby w/White (n24 09)

Dam: Ottepel' Lunnaya Dymka (Oakley) - Black Spotted Tabby (n24)

Litter: 3 Boys & 3 Girls

Ottepel' Lunnaya Dymka (Oakley)
Black Spotted Tabby Siberian Female (SIB n24)
Nikolai Siberian Sapphire
Brown Spotted Tabby w/White Siberian Male (SIB n24 09)
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Boy #1 - Keuka Ridge Hudson - Black Mackerel Tabby (SIB n23) (Reserved for the Waters Family)

Boy #2 - Keuka Ridge Henry - Black Mackerel Tabby (SIB n23) (Reserved by the Brown Family)

Boy #3 - Keuka Ridge Hamilton - Black Spotted Tabby w/White (SIB n24 09) (Reserved for Brian)

Girl #1 - Keuka Ridge Hailey - Seal Lynx Tabby Point (SIB n21 33) (Reserved for the Waters Family)