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A day in the life of Alifair...

Frosty Forest Alifair of Keuka Ridge is my black/golden torbie breeding queen who is due to give birth to her first litter of kittens on August 11, 2018. She spends her days chasing sunshine rays to roll around in, stealing my chair every time I get up, and putting on her saddest facial expressions when I have food in hopes that I'll give in to her begging and share. She's a master of manipulation and knows how to rule her loyal subjects (me) into willingly giving her everything she wants.

Frosty Forest Alifair of Keuka Ridge (SIB f 22) Black/Brown Classic Torbie

Sire: Arystokracja Aramis of Frosty Forest (SIB ny 22 )

Dam: Von Der Selenga Unessa of Frosty Forest (SIB f 09 22)

Birthdate: Aug 6, 2017

Carrier: Golden 

(Alifair DOES NOT carry CP gene)

What is a torbie? Torbie is short for tortoiseshell-tabby. They are also called patched tabbies since they are a tabby with patches of red or cream. Alifair appears to have more "golden" coloring characteristics like her father, but she does have small red patches on the bottoms of her paws.

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