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Bentley Sibella of Keuka Ridge

Coming soon to Keuka Ridge Siberians! I received an update on my new future queen from her breeder in Russia. Bentley is currently 12 weeks old and will be traveling to the US once she reaches the age of 4 months and is allowed to travel.

Black Spotted Torbie Bicolor Female Siberian Cat - SIB f 24 03

Sire: Krambambulya Verroka - SIB d 24 03 (red spotted tabby bi-color)

Dam: WCF CH Dasideriya Forest Nymph - NEM a 21 03 33 (blue tabby point with white)

Parents tests: FIV, FeLV, coronavirus, ultrasound HCM, PKD, genetic test PKD, PKDef - all negative, blood group parents - AA

Breeder: Anna Biryukova WCF - Cattery "Zvezda Severa"

Location: Russia, Chelyabinsk

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