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Christmas came early for the Keuka Ridge Siberian girls!

Updated: May 15, 2018

It arrived! The UPS guy arrived on Friday with the much anticipated HUGE box. I had checked the tracking the day before and saw that the weight on the package was 138lbs so I knew it was going to be interesting getting it into the house. But the driver handled it like a pro and wheeled the big box up to the door on a big dollie. I had to resist my temptation to rip it open and start assembling, but knew I needed to finish the painting in the new room.

Sunday my son and I had a really nice day together working around the house. It was a nice Mother's Day and my son even brought me flowers! The new paint was finished and the room was ready so Cody jumped in and started to assemble the awesome new Cat Tree King "Siberian sized" tree. With a little help and supervision from the girls, a masterpiece was created.

Phoebe pitched in and helped count the bolts. Yep! All bolts are here. We're ready for assembly.

Siberian Cat Tree Assembly
Counting bolts. One, two, three. Yep.. the bolts are all here.

Oakley supervised the whole process. She was careful to inspect each piece to make sure that they were up to her high standards. The size of the cubby got two paws up!

Siberian Cat Tree Assembly
What goes in there?

Siberian Cat Tree Assembly
Mister Cody.. I think you're missing a piece.

Oakley tested out the view into the backyard. A bird feeder would be nice out there.

Siberian Cat Tree Assembly
The view is nice from here..

Little tested out the cubby. It's so roomie! Such an improvement from the old baby tree.

Siberian Cat Tree Assembly
Check it out Mom! I fits!

Siberian Cat Tree Assembly
Hmmm.. Where does this go?

Siberian Cat Tree Assembly
Just testing... Yep it's cozy!

Siberian Cat Tree Assembly
Mmmmm.. Feels nice! I approve!

Siberian Cat Tree Assembly
I'll just supervise from here. A little to the left please.

Ta Da! A masterpiece created. Thank you for our dream kitty tree!

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